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Sep 10, 2007 ... Australia's 200,000-odd poker machines transfer more than $10 billion ... The NSW Gaming Minister tells Four Corners "we've only just now got ...

NSW Coalition government accused of running a poker … Labor levels accusation after revelations that a $20m pool of club profits was mostly spent in Coalition electorates or to pay for election promises. Statement on NSW Government's Poker Machine License… White Ribbon Statement about the NSW Government’s Poker Machine License Program. 5 December 2017.White Ribbon Australia will not be accepting a donation related to Fairfield Hotel’s application to the NSW Government for additional poker machines. How real are claims of poker machine community benefits? In New South Wales, the state with the most poker machines and the most poker machine expenditure, peak body ClubsGiven the data blackout that prevails in NSW and Queensland, we’re a long way from achieving that right now. This article is part of our special package on poker machines. The Changing Frontier of Poker Machine Gaming - CTA…

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Duties Act evidentiary requirements: Section 65 | Revenue NSW Poker machine permits and entitlements Original executed Agreement to transfer the permit or gaming machine entitlements within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 2001 , and/or Original executed transfer of a permit or gaming machine entitlement made under Division 3 of Part 3 of the Gaming Machines Act 2001

Permanent transfer of gaming machine entitlements. In a permanent transfer of entitlements, one club (the transferor) sells some or all of its entitlements to another club (the transferee). As an encumbrance over an entitlement is of no effect, these entitlements become the property of the transferee.

Demand could force pokie licence fee rise - THE price of poker-machine entitlements in NSW is set to rise, triggered by an unprecedented surge in demand by the listed pub operator National Leisure and Gaming. More than 100 licences may have ... Club mergers pick up in new law's first year - Two mega-clubs want to trade venues with almost 200 new poker machine entitlements in Sydney's most disadvantaged area, using new laws that sidestep requirements to reduce the number of poker ... Poker Machine Entitlements for Sale and Lease Poker Machine Entitlements for Sale and Lease in NSW for Sale. #2014357778

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Jul 8, 2016 ... Electronic gaming machine entitlements can be transferred between clubs temporarily or permanently, up to the maximum approved number of ... Changes to the NSW Gaming Machines Act - Gambling Articles | BetSafe The NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing has recently released a 5-year report on the ... Changes to the law regarding transfer of gaming machine entitlements ... Gaming machine entitlements | Gaming venue operators | VCGLR Feb 27, 2019 ... Operators may only operate gaming machines if they hold entitlements. This page outlines the process of amending conditions, transferring, the ...