Slot loading vs tray loading

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I only wished that it mimic the slot loading vs tray loading like the PS3 and laptops. The tray feels a little flimsy and is so last gen The two things that jump at me right off the bat are the interface and the controller. Both of these things IMO are well thought out and are very user friendly...

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If you get slot load, you won't take the risk of bashing your tray and having to tear apart your drive and fix it again. Also, the Pioneer 106s has S/PIDF to the sound card, while the tray-load version does not.

Slot vs. Tray Loading DVD-ROM drive | AnandTech Forums ... I've used both Pionner 16X DVD-ROM slot load and tray load (using the slot load right now). Every single CD and DVD worked perfectly on both of them, but I have to say that the slot load is a bit faster (in access time) and makes less noise (the stabilization table in it seems to be higher quality).

now, some ppl say...its better idea to get a normal 5.25" tray load blu ray burner. plz suggest me what shud I get? & why? better if u can compare... & if u go with normal tray load, which brand better ? Asus , LG, Liteon ?? PS: its a desktop PC, in case of slot load, I can use a bay to fit into casing..

Jun 3, 2011 ... That's because manufacturers as a whole are standardizing on slot-loading optical drives, instead of the tray-loading optical drives you may be ... How to Fix a Jammed Slot-Loading CD Drive: Digital Clinic

MCPCs (Media Center Personal Computers) Are generally small-form factor and most audio-visual enthusiasts who buy them choose either slot loaded or tray loaded optical drives dependent on their tastes, so the market here is kind of split and hard to estimate.

Slot Load or Tray Load? | Tom's Hardware Forum Sep 04, 2009 · There is no emergency eject hole on a slot load drive. My friend has a CD stuck in his car player and it won't eject. I assume the label peeled from the heat in the car. There's no easy way to get out a stucked CD in the slot. There are more electro-mechanical parts to go bad. The tray drives are more versatile and strudy. CD Transports: Slot Loading vs Tray Loading! - 2 Channel Apr 30, 2008 · Guys, I noticed that the new Meridian units: G06.2, G08.2, G92, G95 & G96 all feature Slot Loading drive mechanisms instead of the usual Tray Loading mechanisms used in the majority of CD players. Yes, I know that Slot Loaders have been in … Slot Vs Tray Loading - Both slot and tray loading are Slot Vs Tray Loading, Storage - Tom's Hardware Slot-loading vs. The pokeritalia24 streaming gratis most common wii one is pretty bad, like the slot vs tray loading xbox, to be honest..